Automatic Entrance Doors

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Automatic doors operate based on sensor signals received by the door controller. When the sensor detects someone approaching the door, it sends an activation signal to the controller. The controller then activates the gear motor, which drives the belt and pulley system to open the door.

After a predetermined period or when no one is detected within the activation area, the controller initiates the closing sequence. The gear motor is activated in the opposite direction to close the door, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the automatic door system
Automatic Sliding Door
Speedy sliding door system is built for heavy use. Our automatic sliding doors are suitable for a wide range of building types – we can create a sliding door plan for offices, residential buildings, retail environments and transit centres. Our electric sliding doors can be also customized and enhanced with a variety of security and safety options.
  • Segment: residential buildings, offices, medical facilities, retail
  • and transit centres, hotels
  • Height: max. 3000 mm
  • Width: max. 7000 mm
  • Operation: manual or automatic
  • Three profile systems – standard, slim aluminium and full-glass
  • Single and double sliding, telescopic, prismatic, and curved as well as hermetically sealed and gliding options
  • Available with three or six leaves
  • Wide variety of safety options, including manual switches, motion sensors, and access control integration Escape route, fire safe, burglar resistant, radiation protection, noise insulating, and energy saving options.
Automatic swing doors:
Automate any swing door with overhead or concealed underfloor drives Also known as single-action doors, automatic swing doors allow easy access to any commercial building. The Record DFA 127 can be easily retrofitted to any existing door creating an automated and easy to use entrance. Some automatic swing door closers can be fitted overhead, while others can be concealed underground to create a more seamless and pleasing design. We also have a numeber of variants of this automatic swing door including Full Power, Low Energy, Inverse and Fire to suit any requirement. All of our automated swing doors offer almost silent operation, making them especially useful for hospitals, schools, offices and care homes.   This fully automatic door operator is ideal for locations where hygiene is important, and where space is scarce, the underfloor installation of the openers provides the perfect solution.
Automatic Telescopic doors:
Automatic telescopic sliding doors are the perfect option where the maximum clear opening width is required giving a significantly larger passage width than the equivalent width standard design automatic sliding door. These reliable, hard-wearing doors are perfect for use in most situations and can be fitted with a range of control and closure functions.
  • Single (2 leaf) or bi-part (4 leaf) versions are available with either standard 45mm framing or 18mm minimal framing to achieve an even wider passage width
  • Suitable for external or internal entrances
  • Optional factory fitted electric track lock enables the unit to be wired into your existing entry system / new access control facility as required
  • This quiet, reliable heavy-duty system is widely used by many of our customers including Kings College Hospital, London
  • The perfect choice for maximum passage width when space is at a premium
Our regular door service will help avoid costly repairs and ensure that safety requirements for the door systems in your commercial building are met.

All automatic doors are complex components subject to punishing wear and tear daily. Therefore, to ensure that they continue to function properly, regular service and maintenance is imperative
Common issues and problems for automatic doors which need repairing are
  • Not responding to sensors
  • Opening or closing on its own
  • Not opening or standing open
  • Flashing a code
  • Difficult to lock
  • Did not open when carrying out a fire alarm test
  • Door has failed your occupier tests.
We also have maintenance agreements in place and can offer maintenance monthly plans for all your manual and automatic door needs so you can have peace of mind knowing that if ever there is a problem, we are on standby to come to your premises to repair and fix any faulty door.