Introducing the SC-Frame – a cutting-edge architectural solution designed to excel on facades ranging from low to medium-rise structures, making it particularly well-suited for expansive shopfronts and showroom installations. This innovative framework proves its mettle when the installation of sizable glass panels is of paramount importance.

The distinctive trait of the SC-Frame lies in its efficiency during the construction phase. Crafted within a controlled factory environment, this framework arrives at the site ready for installation, markedly reducing the presence of loose components that are often synonymous with traditional construction methods. The benefits are two-fold: accelerated construction timelines and the assurance of a seamless assembly process.

With its unparalleled convenience and precision, the SC-Frame offers a versatile solution for architectural projects that demand both elegance and ease of installation. Whether adorning large shopfronts or enhancing the allure of showrooms, this framework stands as a testament to innovation meeting function, fostering a seamless integration of form and utility.

Presenting the Shopeline System, meticulously designed to cater to both shopfronts and commercial doors. This remarkable series features vertical mullions that seamlessly extend to the top, creating a continuous visual line. The horizontal transoms are thoughtfully situated between these mullions, completing the aesthetic composition.

When it comes to doors, the Shopeline System boasts a range of practical options. These include doors equipped with overhead concealed closers, as well as choices for low or even no threshold configurations. This versatile system caters to both functional requirements and design sensibilities, promising an integration of form and utility that sets a new standard in architectural solutions.

Introducing the Smart-Wall: an advanced shopfront screen and door system that ingeniously incorporates a Polyamide thermal break, elevating its thermal efficiency. This ingenious solution is perfectly tailored for a spectrum of commercial ground floor screen projects and emerges as an ideal choice for educational structures seeking both functionality and energy conservation.